Battery Storage

Battery storage is essential to help us all to achieve net zero by creating an electricity system that is clean, affordable and secure.

As well as storing power generated by renewable sources, batteries improve the resilience of the electricity system.

By storing energy from renewable sources, which can then be used when it’s most need, the electricity system operates more efficiently, reducing the risk of blackouts.

Increased System Resiliency

Batteries respond rapidly to sudden changes in electricity supply and demand, acting as a ‘first line of defence’ to keep the energy system stable.

More Renewable Generation

Batteries help to manage variations in renewable generation, storing surplus electricity when wind and solar power are plentiful, and releasing it when there is a shortfall.

Future Proofing the Electricity System

Change is inevitable. Our batteries will help to ensure that the energy system is as flexible as it needs to be to accommodate necessary changes.

Balancing Electricity Supply and Demand

To keep power supplies flowing, electricity supply and demand must always be equal, or ‘balanced.’

Batteries are highly flexible assets which charge or discharge as needed to ensure balance.

Our Clients

We have supplied our lighting and provided our expertise on a number of prestigious jobs with the following clients and projects: